Bing Ads

Bing Ads covers roughly 30% of the Pay Per Click (PPC) search market.  While it is not as popular as Google Adwords, it serves a different group of audience.  Bing Ads typically has a lower PPC cost, and Bing is the default search engine for most Windows and Apples users.  Consider the following:

  • Lower PPC Cost
  • Windows and Apple Users defaulted to use Bing

Yahoo! Bing Network

In 2009, Yahoo! and Bing merged to create the Yahoo! Bing Network in which Bing would take over control of Yahoo!’s search operation. The YBN has been useful for smaller marketing budgets and is grabbing more market share. Since its inception, YBN has not been able to compare to Google AdWords on the size of its market share and reach. However, if we look below the surface you begin to see the silver lining for the Yahoo! Bing Network.

Why should I consider Yahoo! Bing Network?

On average, Yahoo! Bing Network’s cost per click is 50-70% less than Google AdWords and the impressions vary in cost from 76-90% less. There is also 36% less competition on Yahoo! Bing than on Google AdWords. This proves to be especially useful for small companies who may have a smaller marketing budget and don’t want to break the bank trying to get a first page.