Direct Mail

By providing marketing services to small and medium size businesses, Juuga realized that web is not the only solution.  Juuga partners with professional graphics designers and printers, to provide a full solution for Direct Mail that complements with the Canada Post Direct Mail system.  We provide design pointers and website analytics to evaluate the campaign.


  • Unaddrssed Admail – target without an address.  You can select a geographical area
  • Acquisition Admail – rent a list to target specific addresses.
  • Addressed Admail – send promotional messages to your existing clients.

With Unaddressed Admail method, you can:

  • Boost awareness of your products and services
  • Stay local or go anywhere in Canada or US by targetting homes or businesses
  • Generate leads to improve sales
  • Generate retail or web traffic
  • Offer discounts, send menus or samples
  • Develop customer lists to build ongoing relationships
  • Improve customer response

Direct Mail Process

  1. Choose  – what is your objective?
  2. Budget and Schedule
  3. Target – where would you like to target?
  4. Build – With professional graphic designer and printer, we will create a piece that will serve your objective and exceed your expectation.
  5. Mail – We are proud partner of Canada Post, where they will deliver to the target.
  6. Analyze – We will look at social engagement, website traffic, direct response and will report.

For more information, please check out Canada Post:

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