Project Description:

As one of the most prominent luxury car dealership in Vancouver, this Lexus dealership has reached out to Juuga Marketing to maintain their Ads budget and account.  While working with the marketing manager, Juuga is able to coordinate the Chinese marketing effort with the other offline and English media campaigns. 

We ran a very efficient Chinese language campaign which converted 3 times better than a comparable English language marketing effort.   Using past analytics and business data, we are able to run different ad campaigns for different car models to further converted higher on all of the ad campaigns.

Chinese Marketing & Translation

We customized a landing page template for Chinese marketing. 

Landing Page Creation

We use landing page system to A/B test the different results for different campaigns in order to optimize the conversion rate.

Geographical Targeting

By combining historical sales data and marketing analysis, we are able to target different geographical area with different ad campaigns.

Adwords Management

We managed the Chinese Adwords campaign that has 3 times the conversion as the English Adwords campaign.

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