Project Description:

University Canada West is one of the premier private university in Downtown Vancouver.  They specialize in MBA, Bachelor programs targeting international students from Mainland China.

To stand out from the crowd, Juuga Marketing leverage the same branding to create a Chinese landing page, focusing on a type font and graphics that is cohesive with the image.  Google Adwords campaigns had been focusing on local North American Chinese, as well as display ads and retargeting ads.

Juuga also helped UCW to create a Overseas Public Account on Wechat, a popular instant messaging chat.  The Public Account contains menu, articles, and videos that develops UCW into one of the social hubs for the current and prospective Mainland Chinese students.


Website Design

We follow the branding guideline provided by the university.

Wechat Platform

We launched the Wechat platform to allow students and prospective to engage

Mobile Responsive

Having a mobile responsive website allows web visitors to browse the site using the mobile phone.

Google Adwords

We ran a Google Adwords campaign focusing on local Chinese and English speaking community.

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