The Juuga Story

Our business clients tell us they know that operating a new business carries risks and challenges from competitors, large and small.

Juuga is here to help business owners with the best strategy to combat challenges and create a competitive environment, even if resources may appear limited, and to produce big results.

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What is Juuga?

It’s definitely a funky name.

Juuga, the company name Humphrey Ng chose is steeped in the lore of China’s most well known war-time strategist, Zhuge Liang. (JUU Ge).

The legendary “Empty Fort Strategy” (空城计) protected the smallest of 3 critical kingdoms all of whom were at war with each other, more often than not. As a consequence, there as a time when the smaller kingdom’s forces were out doing battle and only a skeletal guard of mostly old and injured soldiers remained when a great enemy marched towards them.

Liang ordered all gates to be open and soldiers disguised as civilians to sweep the roads. He sat viewing his plan from a platform above the gates with two boys flanking him. He exuded calm by playing his favourite musical instrument. When the enemy General came upon this scene, he sounded his army’s retreat, fearing an ambush deeper inside the city. Juuga Liang’s dramatic strategy worked because his reputation was built on careful military tactics and minimal risk. This led the enemy to conclude that Juuga‘s relaxed composure could only signal a trap to be avoided.